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50 EyEs

50 (photos of) Eyes (Limited)

A new eyeglass outlet coming to the Twin Cities offers some interesting angles during construction.

A new eyewear retail store in Saint Paul is scheduled to open soon. Working for EyEs Limited has kept me busy in 2012. This gallery of 50 images tells the story of its construction on the first floor of the Gallery Building, to be finished soon. I suppose I could have titled it, “50 photos of EyEs Limited,” but I didn’t; it doesn’t sound as fun. Click on the photo or [here] to view the gallery.

Wonder Pre-Blast

Get ready, ’cause this is about to get heavy. Photos from Winter Wonderblast, a Special Olympics fundraising event at the Calhoun Beach Club will be up this week! [subject: Justen Pohl]

Sorry for the lack of posts. Some stuff has been kinda… seeeecret. But there’s plenty to be seen, so I’ll have a bunch of new stuff up in the coming days and weeks.

Bolinas, California

Click the photo for a larger image. More soon!


What does Snuffleupagus do when he reaches his stop on Sesame Street?

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