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Cross-country canines take their owners for a ride during the Barkie Birkie Skijor race, one of many events at the American Birkebiener in northwest Wisconsin.

More than 9,000 skiers and 20,000 spectators descended on the 2,000-person town of Hayward, Wisc., the end of the Ameican Birkebeiner races Saturday, Feb. 26. The major Birkie races span 50 and 54 kilometers from Cable to Hayward, but I chose to take photos instead at the skijor (‘skee-zhor) race on Friday, because pups pulling people is a preposterous¬† proposition. A short roll of 12 photos follows…


Dahlia, Elektra, Tomahawk

sex sells

Selections from a photo shoot to promote the burlesque skills of a talented trio. Click the image or [here] to view the set.

Winter Wonderblast 2011

Winter Wonderblast gallery-slideshow

The hotness at the Calhoun Beach Club could have melted the most frigid of hearts March 4-5. A Special Olympics fundraiser, Winter Wonderblast supplied an abundance of art, entertainment and fashion. View the musical gallery-slideshow by clicking the image or [here].

Wonder Pre-Blast

Get ready, ’cause this is about to get heavy. Photos from Winter Wonderblast, a Special Olympics fundraising event at the Calhoun Beach Club will be up this week! [subject: Justen Pohl]

Sorry for the lack of posts. Some stuff has been kinda… seeeecret. But there’s plenty to be seen, so I’ll have a bunch of new stuff up in the coming days and weeks.