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Kara looks Juicy in PLAYwear.

Click away on the photo or [here] to view an audio gallery from a fashion shoot for Silvia Yordanova’s PLAYwear collection. Silvia’s fantastical designs aim to honor the playfulness of the spirit and are sure to create a clamor in the club.

Please give the slideshow a few moments to load and note the full-screen button in the bottom-right corner.

Babies everywhere!

Audrey Fiereck and Ella Ingber with mom, Robyn.

In honor of Audrey Fiereck’s first birthday, it’s time for cute! Enjoy this gallery of two of my favorite tiny people, Ella Ingber and the aforementioned Audrey. Audrey’s photos were taken at nine months and Ella was a newborn. No audio on this slideshow; sing your favorite lullaby. Click the image or [here] for the gallery.

Expect more updates soon, including photos from Silvia Yordanova’s PlayWear collection!

P.S. If you don’t know what “Babies Everywhere!” refers to, you must have missed this ridiculous Nutri-Grain commercial from years ago.