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Natural Ice

20140208 Ice Caves-E-Edit
20140208 Ice Caves-E-Edit

© 2014 Eric L. Braem
Click the image or here for an audio-slideshow from the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

In a winter when Lake Superior was more than 90 percent covered in ice, the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore saw almost 140,000 visitors trek to see its natural ice sculptures. I and my friends were a few of them. (more…)

Holiday Movies at the Depot

20131214 Union Depot MoviesBlog-706

Muppet Kermit the Frog dwarfs the humans in attendance at the Union Depot’s holiday movie night, Dec. 14, 2013.

Patrons at the Saint Paul Union Depot were treated to Muppets, “miracles” and love, actually, on the first of two nights of free, holiday movies this December. Click the image above or here for a selection of photographs I created for Studio McCutch and the Depot.

Cantor Conference Concert

20130702 Cantors-086

20130702 Cantors-086

The American Conference of Cantors was in Minnetonka Tuesday, July 2, 2013, while in the Twin Cities for its annual convention. The Cantors performed to full pews at Bet Shalom Congregation. Click the image above or the link below to see more photos from the event.


A score of six-month-Cecily shots

20121226 Cecily Braem-60-Edit 600px

Cecily Aria at six months

My doll-faced niece was six-months old this winter; here are 20 photos commemorating that special time for her and her family.  Congratulations Justin, Bahareh and Cece!

And happy birthday, Dad!

Re-live ‘Synthesis’ at Gallery 122

The art of Silvia Yordonova and Brant Kingman on display at Gallery 122 in Minneapolis, March 22.

A patron examines the art of Silvia Yordonova and Brant Kingman on display at Gallery 122 in Minneapolis, March 22.

Check out more than 50 images from this special event at kingman.smugmug.com!

Click here for Silvia’s art on Facebook.

A very big thanks to Patrick McCutchan and Studio McCutch!

Because it’s flippin’ cold and gray…

Copyright Eric L Braem, no use without written permission.

Ahh, warm sunshine and color! Lake Harriet, Minneapolis.

Interested in prints or digital versions of this image? Email Eric!


Union Depot grand (re)opening

Bedlam Theatre actors mark the opening of St. Paul’s Union Depot with a dance Dec. 8, 2012.

The Union Depot in Lowertown, Saint Paul reopened to the public late in 2012. I covered the all-day event with Patrick McCutchan for Studio McCutch. In addition to portrait photography, our studio specializes in event photojournalism. Click the image or here to see a number of my favorite images from the grand opening, which included speeches, demonstrations, theatrical performances and games.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at First Avenue

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, 12/1/12 at First Avenue
Click the image to see an audio-video-slideshow thingy of my photos from the Dec. 1, 2012 show at the First Avenue mainroom.

Through a quick turn of events, Patrick (whom I work with at Studio McCutch) found ourselves photographing the second concert of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ two-night stop in Minneapolis on their 2012 winter tour.  I happen to be a fan, and they put on a raucous show at First Avenue on Dec. 1.  I hope this audio-slideshow of my photographs, and a few video clips, do it justice.

Make sure to click the cog below of the video to watch and listen in high definition.

A big “thank you” to Patrick McCutchan, Mark Potter, and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (plus their posse).  The song included with the video is “Can’t Hold Us” (featuring Ray Dalton) off their epic 2012 album The Heist.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in having us create a project like this for you.



Kara looks Juicy in PLAYwear.

Click away on the photo or [here] to view an audio gallery from a fashion shoot for Silvia Yordanova’s PLAYwear collection. Silvia’s fantastical designs aim to honor the playfulness of the spirit and are sure to create a clamor in the club.

Please give the slideshow a few moments to load and note the full-screen button in the bottom-right corner.

Babies everywhere!

Audrey Fiereck and Ella Ingber with mom, Robyn.

In honor of Audrey Fiereck’s first birthday, it’s time for cute! Enjoy this gallery of two of my favorite tiny people, Ella Ingber and the aforementioned Audrey. Audrey’s photos were taken at nine months and Ella was a newborn. No audio on this slideshow; sing your favorite lullaby. Click the image or [here] for the gallery.

Expect more updates soon, including photos from Silvia Yordanova’s PlayWear collection!

P.S. If you don’t know what “Babies Everywhere!” refers to, you must have missed this ridiculous Nutri-Grain commercial from years ago.

Shpongle 2011

Justen gets in gear at Epic nightclub.

English DJ Simon Posford took his Shpongletron Experience to Epic in Minneapolis of the second straight year May 13-14, 2011. Check out the audio-slideshow [here] or by clicking the image above.

J + B

J & B, in love.

As my brother and his Persian bride are about to be wed (at the end of May), I think it’s appropriate I finally share a set of lovey-dovey engagement photos. Pictures of Bahareh and Justin, from a farm north of Chicago, follow…



Cross-country canines take their owners for a ride during the Barkie Birkie Skijor race, one of many events at the American Birkebiener in northwest Wisconsin.

More than 9,000 skiers and 20,000 spectators descended on the 2,000-person town of Hayward, Wisc., the end of the Ameican Birkebeiner races Saturday, Feb. 26. The major Birkie races span 50 and 54 kilometers from Cable to Hayward, but I chose to take photos instead at the skijor (‘skee-zhor) race on Friday, because pups pulling people is a preposterous  proposition. A short roll of 12 photos follows…


Dahlia, Elektra, Tomahawk

sex sells

Selections from a photo shoot to promote the burlesque skills of a talented trio. Click the image or [here] to view the set.

Winter Wonderblast 2011

Winter Wonderblast gallery-slideshow

The hotness at the Calhoun Beach Club could have melted the most frigid of hearts March 4-5. A Special Olympics fundraiser, Winter Wonderblast supplied an abundance of art, entertainment and fashion. View the musical gallery-slideshow by clicking the image or [here].

Halloween 2010

The wicked holiday was a wild one at The Lounge in Minneapolis. Brant Kingman and the ‘Party Starters’ got thing’s going after getting prepared at  Kingman’s studio. Click the image or [here] to check out the gallery-slideshow!


May I present to you, ‘Thrills & Fills,’ a long overdue gallery from an event created by my friends at Dozen Strand in late August. Click the image or [here] to be whisked away to the gallery.

Well.. I suppose to be overdue it has to first be due, and when you’re not actually hired nor in school, due dates don’t really exist.

Art Matters

‘Art Matters’ is a mixed-media piece entered in a show/competition at the Rogue Buddha Gallery in Nordeast Minneapolis. The opening reception is tonight, July 30 at 7. Come down or hit up the show quick-like, ’cause it only runs through the weekend!

This is a collaborative work between Rasta Tigries, Brant Kingman, Zarina Delmar, and myself. The actual art was printed on canvas and Rasta painted the check mark in.

More info at the Rogue Buddha Gallery site.

Brian Bell Day

The Lounge owner Brian Bell’s 40th Birthday Bash, May 7-8, 2010

When you’re celebrating your 19th annual 21st birthday, you best go BIG! Photos here!

[full-screen can be toggled by the button in the lower-right]

Flower Power

Flower Power 2010 at The Lounge, May 1-2.

The loooong-anticipated ‘Flower Power’ photos finally get to be released! Enjoy here!

[as always, full-screen can be toggled by the button in the lower-right. Toggle!]


Shpongle at Epic

On Cinco de Mayo, a very special Shpongle was held at Epic in Minneapolis. Check out the pictures here!

[as always, full-screen can be toggled by the button in the lower-right. Toggle!]

We’re gonna win, Twins

The Twins had to battle the Tigers in a tiebreaker game to claim the 2009 Central Division title. Rarely do I enjoy a jubilation photo so much; a lot of heart in this one, on a few levels.

Happy new year, baseball.

“Carnival-Mardi Gras 2010,” Aqua, Minneapolis

Aqua Nightclub, Minneapolis

Click the link for a gallery from February’s Carnival-Mardi Gras party at Aqua. Wild stuff. Body painting, dancing, a Latin-rhythm troupe… Enjoy!

Carnival 2010

“Bassgasm,” First Avenue, Minneapolis

First Avenue, Minneapolis

It’s not often that I document body painting and  pure craziness at what’s essentially a rave in Minneapolis’ most-storied rock venue, but maybe it should be more often…Tell your friends! Seriously. I need a job, bad… a real job, but also freelance jobs.

Note: These photos would get a… PG-13 rating. You can make the slideshow full-screen or view the images individually via the icons at the bottom-right.

Bassgasm photos