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May I present to you, ‘Thrills & Fills,’ a long overdue gallery from an event created by my friends at Dozen Strand in late August. Click the image or [here] to be whisked away to the gallery.

Well.. I suppose to be overdue it has to first be due, and when you’re not actually hired nor in school, due dates don’t really exist.


What does Snuffleupagus do when he reaches his stop on Sesame Street?

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The drone of cicadas (sih-kay-duhs), a locust-like insect, sounds like a painful drill to some. Read the rest of this page »

Art Matters

‘Art Matters’ is a mixed-media piece entered in a show/competition at the Rogue Buddha Gallery in Nordeast Minneapolis. The opening reception is tonight, July 30 at 7. Come down or hit up the show quick-like, ’cause it only runs through the weekend!

This is a collaborative work between Rasta Tigries, Brant Kingman, Zarina Delmar, and myself. The actual art was printed on canvas and Rasta painted the check mark in.

More info at the Rogue Buddha Gallery site.

Brian Bell Day

The Lounge owner Brian Bell’s 40th Birthday Bash, May 7-8, 2010

When you’re celebrating your 19th annual 21st birthday, you best go BIG! Photos here!

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Flower Power

Flower Power 2010 at The Lounge, May 1-2.

The loooong-anticipated ‘Flower Power’ photos finally get to be released! Enjoy here!

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Shpongle at Epic

On Cinco de Mayo, a very special Shpongle was held at Epic in Minneapolis. Check out the pictures here!

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We’re gonna win, Twins

The Twins had to battle the Tigers in a tiebreaker game to claim the 2009 Central Division title. Rarely do I enjoy a jubilation photo so much; a lot of heart in this one, on a few levels.

Happy new year, baseball.

“Carnival-Mardi Gras 2010,” Aqua, Minneapolis

Aqua Nightclub, Minneapolis

Click the link for a gallery from February’s Carnival-Mardi Gras party at Aqua. Wild stuff. Body painting, dancing, a Latin-rhythm troupe… Enjoy!

Carnival 2010

“Bassgasm,” First Avenue, Minneapolis

First Avenue, Minneapolis

It’s not often that I document body painting and  pure craziness at what’s essentially a rave in Minneapolis’ most-storied rock venue, but maybe it should be more often…Tell your friends! Seriously. I need a job, bad… a real job, but also freelance jobs.

Note: These photos would get a… PG-13 rating. You can make the slideshow full-screen or view the images individually via the icons at the bottom-right.

Bassgasm photos