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Babies everywhere!

Audrey Fiereck and Ella Ingber with mom, Robyn.

In honor of Audrey Fiereck’s first birthday, it’s time for cute! Enjoy this gallery of two of my favorite tiny people, Ella Ingber and the aforementioned Audrey. Audrey’s photos were taken at nine months and Ella was a newborn. No audio on this slideshow; sing your favorite lullaby. Click the image or [here] for the gallery.

Expect more updates soon, including photos from Silvia Yordanova’s PlayWear collection!

P.S. If you don’t know what “Babies Everywhere!” refers to, you must have missed this ridiculous Nutri-Grain commercial from years ago.

Shpongle 2011

Justen gets in gear at Epic nightclub.

English DJ Simon Posford took his Shpongletron Experience to Epic in Minneapolis of the second straight year May 13-14, 2011. Check out the audio-slideshow [here] or by clicking the image above.

J + B

J & B, in love.

As my brother and his Persian bride are about to be wed (at the end of May), I think it’s appropriate I finally share a set of lovey-dovey engagement photos. Pictures of Bahareh and Justin, from a farm north of Chicago, follow…

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Cross-country canines take their owners for a ride during the Barkie Birkie Skijor race, one of many events at the American Birkebiener in northwest Wisconsin.

More than 9,000 skiers and 20,000 spectators descended on the 2,000-person town of Hayward, Wisc., the end of the Ameican Birkebeiner races Saturday, Feb. 26. The major Birkie races span 50 and 54 kilometers from Cable to Hayward, but I chose to take photos instead at the skijor (‘skee-zhor) race on Friday, because pups pulling people is a preposterousĀ  proposition. A short roll of 12 photos follows…

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Dahlia, Elektra, Tomahawk

sex sells

Selections from a photo shoot to promote the burlesque skills of a talented trio. Click the image or [here] to view the set.

Winter Wonderblast 2011

Winter Wonderblast gallery-slideshow

The hotness at the Calhoun Beach Club could have melted the most frigid of hearts March 4-5. A Special Olympics fundraiser, Winter Wonderblast supplied an abundance of art, entertainment and fashion. View the musical gallery-slideshow by clicking the image or [here].

Wonder Pre-Blast

Get ready, ’cause this is about to get heavy. Photos from Winter Wonderblast, a Special Olympics fundraising event at the Calhoun Beach Club will be up this week! [subject: Justen Pohl]

Sorry for the lack of posts. Some stuff has been kinda… seeeecret. But there’s plenty to be seen, so I’ll have a bunch of new stuff up in the coming days and weeks.

Halloween 2010

The wicked holiday was a wild one at The Lounge in Minneapolis. Brant Kingman and the ‘Party Starters’ got thing’s going after getting prepared atĀ  Kingman’s studio. Click the image or [here] to check out the gallery-slideshow!

FatMan – A Compendium of Husky Hand-Drawn Heroes

–Eric ‘Capn’ Braem for Boomstick Comics

Bryan’s recent Boomstick Comics post on Blubberella came with the claim that the obese, Nazi-killing, half-vampire is the first, fat — or at least first, fat, female — superhero.

Scouring my brain, which hurts quite a bit, by the way, I quickly realized that I was never a big comic fanboy. I remember reading some TMNT and I loved the hell out of The Tick, but most of my comic-reading was in the Sunday funny pages. I love me some Calvin & Hobbes. Still, I managed to come up with a few…

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Bolinas, California

Click the photo for a larger image. More soon!